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I stopped working on this version of the game and moved on to translate it into isometric pixelart in GameMaker:Studio2.
The farming Sim aspect will move a bit more into the background too.

Play as Phylla, a cheeky Plant-demon. Grow crops and select which ones to use for the next generation. Earn money by selling your crops to the shop and buy new seeds from the  trader's ever changing inventory.

Currently features 5 procedurally generated crop plants, a single save slot, a seed machine and your run of the mill tools to take care of your plants.

Keep in mind, that it is an early prototype, there are a few bugs/inconveniences right now. Selling seeds does not earn you money, and tomatoes never "die".
You can report any bugs or put suggestions/feedback in the comments :D

In the future I want to add:
Seed/Crop analyzer: shows you the traits of the Crop/seed, so you can decide about keeping or selling.

Wilting: keeping your plants without water for too long will make them wilt.

Passive/active breeding: (might break the savegame, once it's added) splits the current crop data into two alleles per trait with recessive or dominant nature. Potentially agent driven,

Magical crops: not quite fit for selling, but has other uses...

Combat: fight a goal oriented AI that comes in multiple shapes (slimes, bugs, elementals etc.)

Elemental system for combat as well as classic Rock-Paper-Scissors trinity of Ranged, Melee and Magical attacks.

(Procedurally generated) dungeons where you can mine for ore and gems as well as dig for higher quality soil.

WASD for 8 directional movement
Scrolling up/down to select active tool
F Interact with highlighted location/Object/Use tool
I opens inventory
moving items via drag and drop in the inventory, or inventory-like menus
Ctrl + LMB to split stacks (the split stack will be marked and you then need to drag the split off stack to where you want it)
Press Space to jump
P will show you your FPS

Use the bedside table to save you game
Interact with the bed to restock the shop
For shop/seed machine, only the top 2 rows of UI are interactable.

Music:  Nicole Marie T (@musicvsartstuff)


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phyllas-floral-adventures-prototype-v0.01-windows32.zip 135 MB
Version 1.01.03

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